WHY DO I HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR AN ACOUNT IF LOLFLIX IS FREE? Having an account enables you to watch full shows and allows to create a playlist and a custom list of favorite comics. Having an account also allows you to ad a profile page, ad a profile pict change user name, email and and password. But also signing up links you to the lolflix app. So if you have download the app or are planning to you will be able to log right into the app account using this account and it will populate the app with all your current info. FYI The same goes the other way if you have already signed up for an app account just login here using the same credentials. Logging in also allows you to share the videos through the app as well.


First sign in or sign up then click on the “heart icon” to the right of the comic in either Comics A-Z or click on the heart next to the individual comics photo when a video is playing for that comedian. Make sure the heart is now solid and not hollow. Solid is selected, hollow is unselected. When selected that comic will show up in your account settings under favorite comics.

HOW DO I CREATE A VIDEO PLAY LIST? First sign in or sign up then in the video list (on any player page that the video is playing) click on the + to the right of the video that is present in the video list or that appears just below the video that is playing. Once you select the + it will be added to your favorite list.

HOW DO I SHARE A VIDEO? You can share each individual video by email, Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the share button (the button looks like a three pronged DNA string) to the right of each video or just under the video that is playing.

I HAVE A QUESTION OR A SUGGESTION WHO DO I SEND IT TO? If you have suggestions for making the comedy experience better, notice a bug, or a way to improve the experience, click “here” and provide your name and email and someone will def get back to you as soon as possible.